The medical definition of tachophobia (2)

The medical definition of tachophobia

If you’ve heard about tachophobia and you have no idea what is, then it’s understandable.

It’s not like this is a well known type of phobia like agoraphobia which a lot of us have already heard of.

So when it comes to the medical definition of tachophobia, doctors describe it as an irrational or exaggerated fear of speed.

People who suffer from tachophobia will experience a wide range of symptoms, including severe anxiety attacks, profuse sweating, shakings, palpitations, nausea, but also find it hard to focus, have difficulty in speaking and also thinking clearly, having a fear of dying, a dry mouth and feeling like they’re going to lose their mind.

It’s important to mention that these symptoms are not going to be experienced by every tachophobia sufferer.

In fact, some may even experience other reactions, too.

  • Causes

In general, a phobia is going to be caused by a wide range of external events, including internal predisposition or traumatic events.

In fact, most people who develop phobias have gone through a traumatizing experience in life that laid the foundation for what would become a phobia later on in life.

In general though, it seems that a combination of genetic factors, traumatizing experiences and brain chemistry are the main factors that help phobias develop.

  • Will medicine help cure my phobia?

In most cases, people who suffer from any type of phobia are going to see their doctor in order to look for an effective treatment that may help them get rid of it.

However, as with any type of medication, especially when it comes to these types of conditions, there are always going to be side effects.

On top of that, people who do take pills in order to cure their phobia have to understand that the medication is only going to suppress the systems temporarily and not cure the phobia. These treatments, in order to be effective, need to be accompanied by neuro linguistic programming, psychotherapy, hypnotherapy or counseling.

  • RecommendationsThe medical definition of tachophobia (1)

If you’re taking medication for tachophobia, it’s recommended that you do not consume alcohol and that you also stay away from people and places that may make your phobia worse.

For instance, if you have tachophobia, then do not travel with friends that like to drive fast, even though they are aware of your condition.

By doing so, you’re only going to make things worse and prolong your suffering.

Now that you know the medical definition of tachophobia, be sure to take the right steps to treat it and always stay away from people and do not engage in situation that may trigger your phobia.