Can I Get HPV from a Toilet Seat (2)

What is HPV?

HPV stands for human papillomavirus and is a common sexually transmitted disease.

It can affect both men and women, causing genital warts, cervical cancer (in women) and other cancers such as anal cancer in both men and women.

Although it can be serious, often times people with HPV show no symptoms and do not even know that they are infected.

This causes people who contract the virus to unknowingly spread it to other sexual partners.

Many people wonder, with an STD that can lay dormant for so long, can you get HPV from a toilet seat?

How Does a Person Contract the Virus?

Can I Get HPV from a Toilet Seat (1)The short answer is no, you cannot.

HPV is sexually transmitted, which means it can be passed by having sexual contact with someone who has the virus. This means that anyone who is sexually active has the possibility of having HPV.

Since, as stated above, most people who have HPV show no symptoms and are often unaware that they have the virus; it can be hard to tell where you have contracted the disease.

This leads people to think that they contracted the disease by some other means, such as a public toilet seat. Even if you have not been sexually active for years it is possible that you are still a carrier of HPV.

The only way to contract HPV is by having sexual contact.

This means that HPV cannot be transmitted from toilet seats, swimming pools, sharing food, kissing, holding hands or general bad hygiene. People who have recently developed symptoms may be looking for a reason other than sexual contact.

If a partner has recently become aware of their HPV, a person may be looking for a justification to prevent the idea of the partner cheating.

Because HPV can lay dormant for so long, it is possible for the HPV to have been contracted long before the relationship started.

It may be an unsettling thought, but you or your partner may have contracted HPV years before it reared its head.


There are many ways to prevent HPV. When being sexually active, a condom is always recommended to prevent all STDs including HPV.Can I Get HPV from a Toilet Seat (1)

In general, a sexually active person should try to limit their sexual partners. This will prevent the chance of exposure to this and other STDs.

Since HPV causes cervical cancer in women, it is even more imperative that women take steps to prevent and cure the virus.

A Pap test can be performed, and HPV can be detected and treated before it turns cancerous. There is also a vaccine that can be administered. This will protect females from the types of HPV that are most commonly linked to cervical cancer.

Again, if you are wondering how you contracted HPV and asking, “Can you get HPV from a toilet seat?” the answer is no.

It must be from sexual contact.